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Updated November 2015

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Gran Canaria's best beaches

From the black lava beach to beautiful long lines of white sand, that make you feel like in the Caribbean. Gran Canaria has beaches for all kind of tourist.


De bedste strande 2Playa de las Canteras is a city beach
(Las Palmas)

The long and golden sand paradise represents an oasis of peace amidst the city.
You have got lifeguards having an eye on you and also the fishermen's patron "La Virgen del Carmen" when you swim in the clear, green water, which is like a large natural pool protected by a reef of lava tongues 100 meters from the shore.

De bedste strande 3The beach has got the EU's blue flag and wheelchair ramp and special showers for the disabled. The wide promenade parallel to the beach has many cafés and restaurants where you have many diferents menus as different nationalilies of the guests on the beach

Taste your way to your locally favorite rum or be artistic in the museum galleries or in caves.
See suggestions for experiences on Gran Canaria

De bedste strande 4Playa de Maspalomas
One of Gran Canarias best beaches.

Middle-aged tourists play naked beach volleyball in the sand dunes on the outer part of the beach, where you can also se people having a walk wearing only a backpack and naked skin.
Fyret Meloneras 1Families enjoying the sun and the waves on the part closest to the lighthouse Faro de Maspalomas, where the Atlantic Ocean is at its calmest part.

Stranden i Maspalomas 1

Diversity characterizes Gran Canarias best sandy strip that together with neighboring Playa del Inglés represents six golden kilometers.

Playa de Amadores
One of Gran Canarias most children safe.

The ultimate holiday paradise for families with small children. This Family Paradise consists of a 600 meter long wide crescent of white sand protected by floating barriers and pliers of large rocks that creates a shiny, nice low, turquoise swimming pool.

Amadores stranden 1

Amadores stranden 2Total relax is the key for this beach, where a variety of shops and restaurants behind the beach ensures that you are never going to miss something to eat or drink. On the elevated promenade facing the sea, they rent sun beds where you in peace can fill the body with life-giving son energy while pouring fresh sea air in the lungs and meditate to the sound of ocean.

Holiday experiences for children
OLive a ferocious shot showdown between the Sheriff and the bandits at close range or enjoy the sight of dolphins jumping out of Puerto Rico. See suggestions for the best experiences with children on Gran Canaria

playa de la verga gran canariaPlaya de la Verga
Caribbean dream beach on Gran Canaria, three kilometers west of Arguineguín

Yellow desert sand was not good enough for the Norwegian engineer Bjørn Lyng who had sailed 11,000 tonnes of sugar white Caribbean sand from the Bahamas over the Atlantic to build this magnificent beach. Lucky so that the water already had the turquoise color, and with palm trees on the beach completes the Caribbean ambience.

Anfi 1The delicious and very child-friendly sandy beach is crowned by a luxurious timeshare condominium and an exclusive marina built on an artificial island with a romantic park.

Playa de la Verga dining card offers fish, meat and vegetables, but do not forget what the Atlantic sea olso offer you like tuna, swordfish, grouper and octopus.

Stranden ved Puerto Rico 1Playa Puerto Rico
Next door to whales and dolphins and the island's entertainment centrum.

The 400 meter long boomerang-shaped beach of golden sand is low and flat where the little ones can safely flap their flippers and how bigger ones can swim freely in a large natural pool, protected by flow limiters. The beauty lies in the bottom of the large 'amphitheater', made up of the popular resort of Puerto Rico, whose white resorts up the mountain's steep terraces.

Puerto Rico Base 1From the nearby port, you can go catamaran sailing, sport fishing and whale and dolphin spotting.

Salsa disco, techno temples,bars and musicals lokals like in Broadway. Party mentality in Gran Canaria holiday villages knows no limits.

This is just a small sample to beaches, look around the website and get more impressions. You are always welcome to contact canaria info for further information.

Holidays on Gran Canaria filled with unique experiences ...

If you are unsure about where to spend your next holiday, then you should have look at Gran Canaria has so much to offer and is beautiful and nice, no matter what time of year to get here. With more than 300 sunny days a year, we have already won many hearts.

puerto de moganEuropas eneste kaffeplantage 01Gran Canaria has much more than sun and beach to offer, but probably not many people have been really "local" in a few days.

Canaria Info: Here is where we come in. With more than 20 years in Gran Canaria, we know every spot and we have close contact with the local population, witch like to show their way of living. Watch a movie

Unique local experiences with Canaria Info Guide Service
We organize excursions individuals, for couples and small groups, to unique places in Gran Canaria where you've never been and we do it based on your preferences. We take you to local events, museums, dining, shows and tours in the beautiful nature, away from the beach and lazy sunbeds at the beach. We give you the opportunity to discover Gran Canaria, close to the local people. Look at HotSpot!

Emergency Telephone Numbers

In case of an emergency, the local authorities can be contacted at the following numbers:

  • Emergencies – All islands – 112
  • Ambulance – Dial 112 and the operator will put you through
  • Police Station – 091
  • Hospital Doctor Negrín – 928 45 00 00
  • Hospital Insular – 928 44 40 00
  • Red Cross – 928 22 22 22
  • Fire Brigade – Dial 112 and the operator will put you through

Communications in Gran Canaria

International telephone calls can be made from almost anywhere in the Canary Islands. Can’t miss the distinctive blue booths and you’ll have the choice of using coins, phone cards (tarjetas telefónicas) and sometimes credit cards. The country code for Gran Canaria is the same as Spain (34) followed by a nine-digit number usually starting with 928. Telephone calls made from bars, restaurants and hotels are usually a great deal more expensive than the street pay booths. The cheap rate for international calls is the night tariff from 22.00 to 08.00 and all day Sunday.

The Post Offices are open from 09.00 to 14.00 and close an hour earlier on Saturdays. There are no telephones in Post Offices. They do have stamps but so do tobacconists and other shops that sell postcards. Postboxes are yellow in colour but the service is quite laid-back. If you have important or urgent mail, we recommend you use one of the international courier companies instead.

Internet Cafés

There are a number of Internet cafés on the island and access costs around 2,00 Euro per hour. If you are travelling with your laptop and need access to a phone connection, be wary of using hotel-room outlets - the PABX system could destroy your processor. Jacks like those used in the US are standard and make connecting your modem simple. Also, most hotels in Gran Canaria offer a wifi connection free of charge.

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