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Here you can fully fly without jumping out of a plane.

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FLY Gran Canaria is the first and only indoor skydiving wind tunnel in the Canary Islands and offers you the unique experience of flying without any risk and without having to face the fear of jumping out of a plane.

A wind tunnel is a machine that produces the column of air over which you float in the flight chamber. Two powerful engines propel two sets of propellers to move the air and generate a vertical upward current of up to 270km/h that will allow you to fly totally safely.

By simply lying down in the air current you can float above the wind and experience the exciting sensation of flying. Our professional instructors will accompany you at all times.

The wind tunnels allow everyone to experience the unique experience of flying safely and pleasant

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You will find us in Puerto Rico, past the large shopping center, towards the bottom of the valley, on the right.

You can contact us here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or on

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