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Mundo Aborigen

When you year after year travel on holiday to Gran Canaria, it's offen the same holiday offers you meet every time, restaurants, activities and beach, but have you ever thought of how it all started...
Aborigen 02
There are about 5 million tourists traveling to the island each year, but only the few people know how it all started, how the first people lived, how they were doing everyday and tools they had.

All these questions can be answered at Mundo Aborigen, which is a faithful copy of how the first people on the islands lived. On a 110,000 sqkm freelands museum on the way to Fataga, you can walk around in such a village. It has over 100 figures of natural size and there are a lot of small houses that show the daily life of these small, busy people.Aborigen 03

There is also a demonstration of how the shepherd used long sticks to get down the mountainsides.
They also have animals and they are quite harmless.

You can walk around the park on your own but be aware because it is’n an easy walk and some plases can be quite hard for walking.
Aborigen 04In connection with the park, there is also a small museum that you shouldn’t miss. From the park there is a great view of Playa del Ingles and t is possible to buy a small refreshment in the cafeteria.
Aborigen 2





Mundo Aborigen is open 9 AM to 6 PM and it is on the way to Fataga, about 6 Km, from San Fernando.

Bus nr. 18 Driving out, not often, but there is a possibility if you are not driving yourself.

With Canary info to Loroparque in Tenerife

Enjoy a day in "Loro Parque", Tenerife's world famous zoo and adventure park. There is a huge selection of animals, and various shows throughout the day, so you are guaranteed a day of fun and excitement that you will never forget. You can find the show schedule at the bottom of this article.

Carnival 2018 has only one thing in mind: the Maspalomas sun

We do not know who introduced them. We are not sure whose idea it was. But it was clear Carnival festivities and the fine weather in southern Gran Canaria were meant for each other.

Carnival girl in fancy dress dances in the carnival passacaglia

Sceptics will wonder: But is it Gran Canaria the only place where Carnival is celebrated right on the beach? Of course not! But it is somewhat hard to find a spot where the craziest festivity in the calendar and the fine weather get along so well.

Undoubtedly, southern Gran Canaria must be among the spots with the best weather in all of Europe. As if  made to measure. As if someone would have decided to include on the map a small fine weather republic. A cold-free region where to travel any time of the year.

A group of youngsters having fun around the bars on Maspalomas beach

To top it off, it so happens that in February, when you have decided that you’ve had your share of cold, suddenly you notice that Carnival has followed you to the beach. You get the idea right from the first day on holidays, when you bump into a 6.5 ft drag queen hailing a cab, carnival music at the bottom of a swimming pool, two bathers wearing Avatar outfits at the beach bar, and a myriad more of these images with no explanation outside the extravagant and extraordinary carnival season. A carnivalesque February full of fine weather.

A clown with a long wig drinks icy drink

The day Carnival met Maspalomas it did not think twice. There it would stay. It saw the long field of dunes by the ocean. The sea reaching everywhere. Music zigzagging along the streets of Playa del Inglés. 

This was a long time ago, for Carnival in Maspalomas is already ancient. Old enough for many community members to boast of carnival memories. And which is the couple’s secret? How do Carnival and the Grancanarian beaches get along so well after so many years?

Las Palmas  26/1 - 18/2 2018

Maspalomas  2 - 11 marts 2018


The secret is no other than a current that crosses the island almost imperceptibly. It is the spirit of live and let live, which impregnates it all. The reason why Carnival swore to Maspalomas that every February will be better than the previous one. You must come and see it!

Inspiration for experiences on Gran Canaria

Taste your way to your local favorite rum or get an artistic ’kick’ in the museum galleries. Have a look into the caves where there is still activity or visit Europe's only coffee plantation in mountains on Gran Canaria. Yes - Gran Canaria's mountainous hinterland, away from the turistzone and beach, offers adventures for several day trips. Here at you can find plenty of inspiration and we would like to be your guide

Teror Balcones 1050Teror 
The blessed Virgin's capital

On the northern part of the island, home to a peaceful Catholic madonna "La Virgen del Pino" in the church "Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pino ". Her museum has a large collection of gifts from her admirers, ranging from swords and military orders to toy cars, letters, jewelry, watches and a UN beret.

A beautiful city with fine, antique mansions in the traditional Canarian style with wooden balconies covered by bricks and house corners, doors or windows framed by raw basalt stone from Teror, one of Gran Canaria's most beautiful cities.
Many local events are associated with Teror and is certainly worth a visit.

Transport: Bus 216 from Las Palmas

Arucas Gran Canaria romArucas
The city with one of the largest rum factory "Fabrica de Ron Arehucas"

In the town of Arucas is the "Fabrica de Ron Arehucas", one of Europe's largest romfactorys, producing a total of 16 different drinks like rom liqueurs flavored wit banana, coffee, chocolate or lemon.

Taste your way to your favorite rom. Yes, all the goodies are free to be tasted before the exhilaration goes shopping area in the factory store.

Arucas Gran CanariaAt the other end of town, you can admire the huge, neo-gothic church, "Iglesia de San Juan Bautista" that looks like a fascinating temple from a fantasy tale and has clear similarities with Gaudí-like church, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Transport: Bus 205 from Las Palmas

munic GaldarGáldar
Gran Canarias little mecca for painting

The Canary Islands' most famous cave paintings of red, white and black triangles painted by the island's original inhabitants, together with the remains of a large village built of lava stones admired in Gáldars newly opened archaeological museum, "Parque Arqueológico Cueva Pintada". Gáldar is also worth a visit for its eminent art museum dedicated to the expressionist Antonio Padrón, in color choices and a technique that is reminiscent of Picasso, depicting the Canarian culture and daily life. In addition to one of the island's basic themes is the absence of rain, he describes also scenes of superstition, cockfights, fish hanging to dry on cords, and much more that is the national soul near.

Transport: Bus 105 from Las Palmas
monumento natural caldera de bandama gran canariaCaldera de Bandama
From "Grand Canyon" similar backdrop view, to a dizzying look down into the black abyss

The viewpoint "Pico de Bandama" offers panoramic view of Gran Canaria's east coast, and a look down at 200 meters deep and 1,000 diameter wide, perfectly round volcano crater Caldera de Bandama. Lava stone crunches under your feet, and a forest of cactus sprouting up of the black ground on the way down into the crater, the steep, red slopes creates a Grand Canyon-like backdrop, where every moment expecting to see John Wayne appear on the horse behind a rocky outcrop. In under an hour you can go to the bottom of the crater via the path that starts from the village about 1.5 km below the viewpoint.

Address: about 15 km south of Las Palmas
Transport:Private car to the viewpoint or on a trip with canariainfo
kaffe1San Pedro
In San Pedro Valley, Europe's only coffee plantation
IIn Gran Canarias north western corner is an incredibly beautiful valley "San Pedro" and here you will find Europe's only coffee plantation. It is not only coffee dealing with here, they grow a lot of fruits and then they have their very own wine production.

In this area is also the city Agaete which offers an abundance of experiences. Canaria Info offers regularly guided tour of the coffee plantation and here you get the whole experience, tastings and more. See tour information
Transport: Private car or canariainfo tour

About Aloe Vera Finca Canarias

Aloe Vera Finca Canarias is a small family business. We have been dedicated to the ecological cultivation for two generations. Our plantations are located in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. The variety that we grow is known as Aloe Barbadensis Miller, commonly referred to as “Aloe Vera”.

aloevere farm

At our plantation we offer a guided tour, so you will be able to feel and touch the plants. We have got around 30,000 adult plants, all them between 10 and 30 years old.


Our plantation has always been ecological. All our collect processes, the cleaning and maintenance of the plants are made by hand. Also the packaging and the recycling processes are environmentally friendly.

No pesticides or chemical products are used at our plantation. We have tried to keep using the guidelines that our grandparents used to follow. The process that they followed was always natural. This was the key to get high quality products. They used no chemicals that could damage our health.


aloe vera finca gran canaria lab


At our plantation you can find a laboratory, where the good condition of every single leave is controlled. It is also the place where our cosmetic line is produced.
But you will also find our factory, where the Aloe Vera is produced and where the bottling and packing is made.

We have decided to make all the processes in just one place. This way we can guarantee an optimal quality. We should not forget that we work with 100 % natural products that come from the nature. Once we remove them from the nature, the leaves can oxidize soon.

In Aloe Vera Finca Canarias we want to make a difference. We want to give our clients the opportunity to have pure Aloe Vera. And we make it the same way our ancestors did. Our main goal: to offer products with the same quality as the fresh Aloe Vera leave freshly cut, 99,38% pure Aloe Barbadensis MILLER.



Every month we collect around 5,000 fresh Aloe Vera leaves. From each plant we extract just four or five leaves a year. This way, we guarantee the healthy and optimal quality of every single plant and we ensure an stable cultivation.

 Produktion in 6 STEPS

  1. Every week we collect fresh leaves by hand. 
  2. We wash every leave by hand with water and food lay so that all the external impurities disappear.
  3. We make one cut on the base and on the peak (always with ceramic and plastic objects. Metals can oxidize the plant). After that, we immerse the leave under water for eight hours to eliminate the aloin from the leave.
  4. Then, we extract the pulp by hand with a plastic spatula. After this process, there is only five per cent of aloin kept in it.
  5. We collect all the pulp from the inside and we press it in cold. This way, all the properties from the plant are kept in. Then we add Vitamins C and E (extracted from the lemon). They will act as natural preservatives and, now it is ready to bottle!
  6. All our products have natural preservatives. That is the reason why they can last up to one year. Once opened, they should be stored in a cold place (for example, in the fridge)We collect the leaves from our plantation every week so that we only produce the necessary quantity to meet our current demand. This way, we always offer fresh products and we ensure an stable production at our factory. All our processes are environmentally friendly. At our small family business we always prefer quality instead of quantity.


We collect the leaves from our plantation every week so that we only produce the necessary quantity to meet our current demand. This way, we always offer fresh products and we ensure an stable production at our factory. All our processes are environmentally friendly. At our small family business we always prefer quality instead of quantity.



Thanks to the temperatures in the Canary Islands, its proximity to the sea and its volcanic soil, this place is considered a paradise for the cultivation of Aloe Vera. And that is why in our islands is produced the highest quality Aloe Vera in the world. However, the quality of the Aloe Vera depends on the processes that are carried out in every plantation.

The Aloe Vera collected at Aloe Vera Finca Canarias shows 23,38% of Acemannan. This means, that it triples the content of this substance if we compare it to another Aloe Vera plants that are grown in other places. That is the reason why we have been selected to collaborate with the Doctor Negrín Hospital and also we have been chosen to sponsor the Ruta Quetzal (Ruta Quetzal BBVA is an "initiatory,” “enlightened" and “scientific” program in which culture and adventure come together). The Doctor Negrín Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in the Canary Islands, as well as the most prepared, technologically speaking.




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Dette sker på Gran Canaria

Masser af julearrangementer i Mogan kommune i hele december. se dem her - - - Fra d 10 december og til d 10 januar har de erhvervs drivende lov til at kræve corona pas, inden gæsterne for lov til at komme ind i f.eks. restauranter, forretninger, museer, udstillinger, og ligndende steder, hvor der er restriktioner. Hvis det kønnes nødvendigt, kan det forlænges efter d 10 januar. - - -Den fantastiske sandkunst, som hver år op til jul pryder Las Canteres stranden i Las Palmas, er nu åben for besøgende. Der er åbent til d 7 januar 2022 og det er hver dag fra 10: - 22- - - Den lokale vejrudsigt finder du her Hvis du skriver det bynavn i søgefeldtet, vil du få det mest lokale vejr, vi har. - - - Skal du bruge hjælpemidler til handikappede medens du er på Gran Canaria, så ta kontakt til Canariainfo. - - - Har du brug for transport fra eller til lufthavnen, vi skaffer en pris fra vores vognmand.- - - Hvis uheldet er ude, og du har brug for hjælp på hospitalet, eller lign. steder, så ta kontakt til Canariainfo. - - - Søndag d 28 novem,ber er der julekoncert i Maspalomas med " Il Divo" Nærmere info følger. - - - Rejseforsikring for folk, der er fyldt 70 år. - - - Cocodrilo Park i Aguimes har åbent Fredag - Lørdag og Søndag fra kl. 10:30 til Kl. 16:30 Indgangen lukker 15.30 - - - Her finder du spilleplanen for teatret i Vecindario resten af året. Teatro Victor Jara ligger mellem C.C.Atlanico og hovedgaden, lige ved csiden af det røde center.- - - Her kan du downloade busplanen til de offentlige busser "GuaguasGLOBAL" - - - Ryanair ansætter 2000 nye piloter til nye fly de næste 3 år - - - Fodbold spilleren David Silva overtager en vingård på Gran Canaria. - - - Vidste du at der findes 61 vingårde på Gran Canaria. - - - Fra mandag d 15 nov. og hver mandag derefter er der marked i Puerto de Mogan. det er på Centro Sociocultural Los Marineros, og det er fra 09:00 til 14.00. - - - God varm sol på op til 30 grader
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