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Hello dear readers. is not only a page with offers for those tourists who choose to spend their holidays in Gran Canaria. It is also a page where we would like to keep close contact with our readers, in order to get a much better dialogue with them so we can better understand what one wants and expects what you experienced last time you were here what you might miss, and many other things, anything other readers interested in Gran Canaria can either enjoy and something that can help make Canariainfo even better.
In order to meet these wishes and needs, we have now opened our online meeting point - Meeting Point.

Meeting Point is an online forum where you just have to register to enter, but of course it is free. Once you have entered, you can surf around to see what we offer in there. One can for example Write something more about yourself so that other members know who you are, you can write your very own blog if you have a holiday experience you would like to share with others, and you can also add pictures and videos. You can search for friends and acquaintances in there, or you can send an invitation to a man so that he or she can also sign up as a member.

Meeting Point grupe bannerIf you have something at your heart, you may be looking for a cheap airline ticket, a private accommodation, or looking for a job in Gran Canaria for a long period of time, you can write about it without having to be like a blog.

We will always hang new exciting things at our Meeting Point. Right now we have put a couple of interest groups into which you can subscribe and more are coming.
I hope that residents will also use Meeting Point as a meeting place, maybe you may be missing an employee, maybe you want your car or you need a place where mother-in-law can sleep in the week she's visiting. We have also opened for a group we have called Find Travel Partners, another is called Livsnyderne, and Residents in Gran Canaria are also a group that has seen the light of day, but all of course have to look at.

You can send private messages, write on the wall, and much more so I think you should become a member and look around there. We are far from finishing meeting point yet, there will always be new things. Should there be something you do not understand or you think something is missing, then write to us and we will do what we can to improve it all the time.

But this will only affect you once you have registered as a member here: Registration (free and non-binding)

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