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Gran Canaria is an authentic paradise for sea lovers.With its year-round comfortable water temperature, great marina infrastructures, perfect sea conditions and a great variety of underwater wildlife it’s a nearby diving paradise for most European countries.dykker2

There are endless scuba diving possibilities in Gran Canaria. The island surprises visitors with the biological and ecological wealth of its marine landscape and also for the variety and beauty of its underwater scenery originating from its volcanic origins.dykker4

Our Scuba Sur Diving Center is located inside the Anfi Del Mar resort..

Thanks to our amazing beach and our small and wonderful private marina, Scuba Sur has perfect logistics to satisfy beginners, expert divers and snorkelers. We offer diving initiation, diving courses (from beginner till instructor) and take experienced divers out multiple times a day to dive one of our over 20 marvellous dive sites.dykker1






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Here you will find Scuba Sur

You could share restaurants into 2 groups in Arguineguin South of Gran Canaria, there are restaurants that have a broad "known" range of good food, as we also see other places on the south coast too and then there are the restaurants that are more targeted to local residents on Gran Canaria. You could go out to each of these places only have the menu in Spanish. Coming into such a place, it's just trial and error. These local restaurants located near the harbor, and you walk into the harbor itself, there is a restaurant at one end of the activity room - but there is a wall between, but asks for a meat right in this place, one can be exposed to that they only have fish. Want to know what fish they serve today, you are presented with a still flick their tails, and salt water dripping from it.
If you drive into the village at the cement factory, one finds a few restaurants, right by the water's edge. Here you come in good time, get the coveted spots, and here you will find that Spanish children snorkels with harpoon, and there is profit, so they run directly up to the cook and swap with little money or a cola. Fresher find it is probably not, and it's exciting to sit and observe.
These locations will open at. 13.00 - Spanish eating times on Gran Canaria, and when the service comes up, all the tables occupied, waiting only the bell falls in battle. Servants shouting as "Who is the first" after 4 to 8 tables puts their hand up. Whoever it is closest to being No. 1, and this is how it until there has been ordering at all tables. Napkins are using is not here, but there is put a kitchen roll on each table so you can take the number of leaves needed.
These places are really worth a trip.


There is not much beach here in Arguineguin and the sand is black, but the locals love it. If one takes a little longer against Puerto Rico, you come to Patalavaca, and this is probably one of the finest sandy beaches on Gran Canaria. The sand has sailed here from the Caribbean, and there are plenty of offers in various water sports that you can play around with. Many believe that this beach is private, but it is not, then you use it. There is also opportunity to take a walk on the artificial island located in the harbor.
This beach is artificial landscaped with 2 piers, so the water is almost always calm, a good place with kids.

Shopping in Arguineguin on Gran Canaria may well be quite an experience, since many of the stores that sell groceries to local residents, not everyone is ready for tourists. Not in the sense that a tourist is not welcome, it is certainly, but with language that is not everywhere equally well. It requires a little more patience to shop in special stores such as those who sell the very beautiful crafts, table cloths, wall carpets, curtains. Here you will also find shops with lots of beautiful clothes, so there is opportunity to buy a bit special birthday gift to take home for the kids. You will also find a special shirt for grandma or grandpa to a stick, which not many others have.

If you fancy a trip on the water south of Gran Canaria, but not looking to spend a whole day at sea, the ferry from Arguineguin to Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogan is your best option. The trip takes approximately one hour, so it should not take up too much of your time. You can get off the ferry and have a walk around town and then return on the ferry later in the day.

If you have planned a trip to one of the towns mentioned above, you can get a new view of the coast by travelling on the ferry. Furthermore, the coach trip to Puerto de Mogan is not that preferable (sometimes the driving can be wild).

The first ferry departs Arguineguin at 10.40 and the last ferry returns at approximately 17.15.

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