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Sports fishing all year round.

The Boat:

Fish On! Is a 35 foot CATA Sportfisher built in Alicante, Spain, in 2001. She is powered by a pair of 315 horse power MAN motors. The Fish On! is fully equipped with sounder, radar, GPS, etc. When it comes to fishing, the Fish On! is perfect for the occasion. The spacious cockpit has plenty of room for the whole group. She is also equipped with fighting chair, Shimano fishing rods and reels and Fin Nor reels.

The fishing tackle:

Trolling fishing:

IMG 4764

  • 2 x Reel Shimano Tiagra 130 lb with Rod Shimano 130 lb
  • 5 x Reel Shimano Tiagra 80 lb with Rod Shimano 80 lb
  • 4 x Reel Shimano Tiagra 50 lb with Rod Shimano 50 lb
  • 1 x Reel Shimano Tiara 30 lb with Rod Shimano 30 lb
  • 2 x Reel Fin Nor Marquesa MA30li with Rod Fin Nor Offshore 30 lb

Bottom fishing:

  • 1 x Reel Shimano Saragossa
  • 2 x Reel Shimano Stela 10000SW with Rod Shimano Speedmaster 30 lb
  • 1 x Reel Shimano Spheros 5000 with Rod Shimano Speedmaster 50 lb
  • 3 x Reel Penn

The Crew

Capt. Pedro Betancor was born in November 1977

Born into a family where fishing was the main hobby and way of life, he has now decided to fully dedicate himself to show everything he has achieved during more than 25 years fishing and sailing the waters of not only Gran Canaria, but also the majority of the 7 islands in the archipelago. He has released blue marlins in Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. He has fished with some of the most experienced anglers on the Canary Islands and he is ready to take anglers of any skill level to the fishing grounds.

Mate Cristofer Marrero (Pipe) was born in November 1987

Born in a family where almost all members have been dedicated to professional fishing, has plenty of experience in comercial tuna fishing and has worked in different charter boats as well.

Fish on 2From October to May

+ 3 hour half day: we do bottom fishing in shallow waters using death and live bait. The spots are always around 20 minutes from the harbor. We target Bonito, Barracuda, Bluefish, Bream, Snapper and many more.

+ 6 hour full day: we do the same as a 3 hour half day but if weather permits we also go to the reef (about 100 m deep) and target other species like amberjack, morey eel, comber, and some more.

+ Longer custom private charters: we adapt to what customer wants but we offer the same as the other trips. We can also combine bottom and trolling fishing depending on the catches.

From May to October:

+ 3 hour half day: we do bottom fishing in shallow waters using death and live bait. The spots are always around 20 minutes from the harbor. We target Bonito, Barracuda, Bluefish, Bream, Snapper and many more.

+ 6 hour full day: we do trolling for Big Fish such as Blue and White Marlin, Spearfish; Bluefin, Yellowfin, Big Eye and Albacore tuna; Dorado, wahoo and skipjack tuna.

+ Longer custom private charters: we adapt to what customer wants but we offer the same as the other trips. We can also combine bottom and trolling fishing depending on the catches.

You can read more about us on our website and you can follow the fishing on our Facebook site.

 IMG 2351        Fish on 3        

You can book your fishing trip as follows:

Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Write to our chat at the bottom of the cover

Call us, we speak English: 0034 660 41 16 61

Or send a message on Facebook










WE are situated at Lake Chira around 1hrs drive from the holiday resorts and 1hr 15 mins from the airport,through the Gran Canarian mountains amongst the pine forests and some of the highest peaks.

Karpefiskeri 1

We take a small group of anglers daily keeping it small and personal and not too many lines in the water,so all our clients have the greatest possible chance to catch one of those wild Canary carp, beautiful scaleys,plenty of commons and mirrors keeping everybody happy and many having their PBS and we have an extremely high catch rate!!!

If you are visiting the island for a holiday and fancy experiencing one of our excursions that we have on offer our cost is 85 euros and this includes your pick up and drop off from your hotel or meeting point,guided mountain drive,2 rod Nash set up either the Scopes or KNX rods,all relevant tackle and equipment,bait,light lunch and refreshments,license and our guides are with you all day.(Non fishing partners are welcome)This years day trips have been incredible with as many as 12 runs per day!!

We had the pleasure of Steve Briggs and partner Joan Jacobi join us for a weeks Holiday,which was his 2nd time out with us and our day trip clients had a very special guide for the day,what a week with 100s of carp,lots of fun and laughter and happy memories,looking forward to his 3rd trip in the New Year,where we will be fishing our new Big fish Venue !!Karpefiskeri 2

We offer fishing holidays and have been offering these for over 15 years either Fly/Survive or with a Food package,self-catering at our lake apartments or rural house with heated pool or you can bivy on the bank 24 hrs as we have the only legal camping land on the lake and all our clients receive a camping and fishing license without these you are heavily fined and will be removed from the lake!!

Our apartments can sleep up to 8 persons sharing and the house with pool sleeps 6,all are situated at the back of the lake around a 3/4 min drive to our fishing areas.All accommodation requires car rental and we do feel a car rental will enhance your holiday and fishing experience and allow access to all fishing areas,maybe you would like to visit the supermarket or local bar!!! Or transfers can be included.

Our tackle is of the highest quality and supplied by our Sponsor and good friend Kevin Nash and you will receive a 2 rod set up again either the Scopes or KNX rods,pod,net,cradle,spod/marker rod,ground hog with bed chair,luxury mattress,chair,mosquito net if required,alarms,we do ask you to either bring your own reels or we can supply these but for you to bring your own line,all camping equipment,row boat,licenses and we do offer free showers and wc to be taken at our lake house if you have no accommodation .Also anything that needs charging can be done here!!

Karpe 7

Karpefiskeri 3We have many repeat clients over the years booking day trips and then holidays and we have made some great friends and met some fantastic people and created many amazing holiday memories with great carp captures over the years and hopefully made some peoples dreams come true!!! Our aim is to provide a great service,to look after our clients,you are all met on arrival and set up and our guides will even help get your baits out if required on our fishing areas,we are around to help,answer any question,some guidance and we offer great knowledge on the lake,the carp,surrounding areas etc and we are full of information on the island and whats on offer on Gran Canaria,our little peace of Paradise in the Sun!!!



TELE 0034637939680 OR WHATSAPP




So whether its a holiday with the family and you fancy a day trip,or 24hrs,36hrs on the bank we can do this or any duration on the bank or week holiday,we can do this!! We can combine a beach and fishing holiday,tailor-make your holiday ,book with the family,groups or with the lads just fishing!!!Feel free to contact us for a quote or inquiry.

Dave and Ali the original and premier carp fishing company on the Canary Islands(Gran Canaria)

Gran Canaria Windsurfing World Cup 2015

Team Pryse PWA
12  - 18 Juli 2015


Pozo Izquierdo: This spot, which is situated in the municipal area of Santa Lucía, is internationally famous on account of the ideal windsurfing conditions, the wind being ever present.

In "El Arenal" (the name by which this beach is known to the local inhabitants), the wind usually blows from the left, tending to be very strong, with the result that you must use 2.8 and 4 metre sails if you want to fully enjoy this spot, which is one of the most windy places in the world.

windsurfing 480The waves are generally no less than one metre high and they can reach heights of up to 3 metres. Pozo is the ideal destination for those who have an acceptable level of skill in planing and jibing and who want to start on jumps and other aerial acrobatics. Other Windsurfing locations
More information:
Current weather conditions for Pozo Izquierdo
Professiolal Windsurfers Association

Summer Activities perfect for All Ages.

It´s a fact that more families with children, spend their summer holidays in Gran Canaria than do in the winter months. During the winter season Gran Canaria is the ideal destination for mainly older people
because of all the health benefits. Now the summer season is right on our doorstep.
That means a slight change in the activities on offer in Gran Canaria. We have put together a list of Fun and Exciting activities for you to take part in and too bring the whole family together.

Palmitos Park.
Palmitos 3

Star InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar Inactive

Proposal for entertainment and activities in the holidays with children on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has everything...
Experience a shot showdown between the Sheriff and the bandits at close range or rejoice at the sight of dolphins and an adrenaline rush for daredevils in Aqualand - camel safari and more. Canaria Info guide you to the best experiences with children on Gran Canaria, contact us for more information.

aqualand maspalomas gran canaria

Aqualand Maspalomas
In Aqualand get an adrenaline rush in the installations such as Crazy Race that gets you to aqua-plane at 80 km per hour down a long slide. Or Aquamania that send you through a breathtaking acceleration pumps and long winding tube until you come out into the blinding daylight. Less terrifying is the yellow Mammut, which is the park's most popular atracion, because the whole family can sit together in a round rubber ”dounut” that revolves around itself, whileit goes down a 'ski slope'. Since the water is not heated, it is about 17-18 degreesit and mabuy feels a bit cool in the winter months.

Aqualand Maspalomas
Address: Carretera Palmitos Park 3 km (GC-503), Maspalomas
Transport: Bus 451 from Playa de Inglés, Bahía Feliz and San Agustín. Bus 701 from Puerto Rico and Faro de Maspalomas
Website: Aqualand Maspalomas

sioux city

Sioux City
Villains, heroes and beautiful women.

The air is thick with burned gun- powder and percussion from the cowboys when the Mexican bandits storm the bank and respons the fire from the sheriff and his men, who are hidded in a barn door. When the shooting finally is over, the show continues inside the saloon where a few suspicious types, after looking too deeply into whiskey bottle, comes in a fight looking at the frivolous dancing girls with their long legs and skirts during the cancan-dancing om the scene where the knife throwers and lasso artists are ready to impress the audience. Then it’s time for a barbecue or refreshments within cowboys during hoot, ridge and whiplash operates a cattle herd through the city, then Indians in full war paint comes galloping in death-defying balancing the glistening, muscular horses.

The shows starts at. 12 and continues interrupted with some breaks until 15:30, when the last bus at. 15:45brings you back to civilization. Bus 29 goes from Faro de Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés.

Sioux City

Address: Barranco del Águila, s / n, Cañón del Aguila, San Agustín, a few kilometers north of Bahía Feliz.


gran canaria cocodrilo park

Cocodrilo Park
Animals with touching stories

It's hard to resist the chimpanzees Koka, Alicia and Judith as they reach their hands out through the bars and earnestly asking for a banana, that you can actually feed them with. Especially because, as many of the park's other animals have been subjected to cruelty or have ended here, after police have freed them for unscrupulous animal smugglers. Canary Islands Unfortunately transit country for trafficking of exotic animals, and many of them the police intercepts, ends up in this small charity zoo. There are parrot show at. 12 and the feeding of alligators an hour later.

Cocodrilo Park
Address: Carretera General los Corralillos, km 5.5. From Cruce de Arinaga at GC-104th About 16 km northeast of Playa del Inglés

delfin palmitos parkDolphins and Whales
In Jacques Cousteau's skin.

Along the coast of Puerto Rico can suddenly be joined by dolphins that glide like torpedoes through the water in front and along the side of the boat. You can hear their breathing when they are at full speed and their heads are over the wather and they say hello. If you are lucky, you will see some of them swimming in the playful bunch bend and disappear just as suddenly as it appeared. You may also be lucky enough to encounter large, graceful whales during a boat trip.

Palmitos Park
Barranco de Los Palmitos s / n.
35109 Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)
Website: Palmitos Park

Discover dolphins in the Atlantic

Several companies offer dolphin and whale watching in the open sea from the port of Puerto Rico.
Contact Canarioinfo for more information.

gokart San Agustin

Karting San Agustin
Spain's longest speedway.

Spain's longest go-kart track is located in San Agustin and with its 1650 meters, it really challenges and give you the opportunity to show what you can.
There are 3 different courses, the "smallest" is for children from 5 years. Here they run with small electric powered cars that are completely harmless.
Next there is a junior track, 12-16 years, when the races are sealed to the speed of 45 Km per hour Read more
Go-kart track is open In the winter 10:00 to 21:00 and in summer from 11.00 to 22.00.
contact CanariaInfo

conocer gran canaria museo elder

Museo Elder
Nerdish the fun way

Spaceships through the universe and see the galaxies. At the Museo Elder there is great multimedia show 'Infinity Express' that appears in the science museum's planetarium and magically explains the universe. Other highlights is the visit of planes, where the technique is demonstrated, or the experience of being thrown around in a gyro-space, a giant robotic arm named 'RoboCoaster ride'. A series of animal skeletons like dromedars, ostrich and sealions, or how a motor works is just some of the things to ser or do.

Museo Elder
Address: Parque de Santa Catalina s / n
35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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